In Which Socks Experience Great Loss, and then Rebirth

There was a time I believed that love could conquer all. I believed I could set aside my love of bright colors and kooky designs for the man who raised me and taught me to blog. I believed that I could successfully complete two plain, masculine socks for my father’s large Man Feet.

The socks, before tragedy struck

It turns out there is something that can prevent me from finishing my quest, called:

I Lost One of The Socks! Right before the other one was finished! Oh cruel and random universe!

As the throes of frustration washed over me, I murmured the iconic mantra of Kerouac to myself:

“Accept loss completely. Accept loss completely. Accept loss completely. Don’t think about how long that sock took to make… don’t think about how gigantic it was and how happy you were to finally make something for your dad.. I mean, come on, 90 stitches is a lot for a sock, it was like a sock and half… Ahem! Accept Loss Completely.”

I decided to cut my losses and unravel the remaining sock. The remaining yarn should be enough for a pair of socks for a tiny-footed person.

So I’m knitting the exquisite Cable Net socks from Knitty. My first foray into the extra-spicy category…. And spicy they are. The cables are deliciously intricate and look fantastic. They are also very easy to mess up. I spent a lot of time fretting over a mis-crossed cable until I realized that non-knitters would ever notice since:

1. they do not know the Traditions of Alternating Cable Crossings. (Muggles)

2. the whole sock is covered in squiggley cables that makes it impossible to focus

ace of wands: new ideas, new beginnings

ace of wands: new ideas, new beginnings. Tragically appropriate.

Here’s a close-up of the heel:


and an older picture in better light that shows the stitch texture:IMG_0294

Tiny cables! So tiny! So absorbing and hypnotic to knit! We’ll see if this incarnation of the red socks goes better than the last.

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