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Finished Project: Hooded Figures


What the hell is that thing?


Oh, just my latest masterpiece.

Well, in accordance with the general holiday spirit, I knitted myself what looks like a woollen foreskin for my head.

It’s actually a cowl, I guess. Made of bulky wool, knit up on some size 10 bamboo needles. So blissfully easy after a semester of pokey metal sock needles.


I was inspired by a tight tube scarf  I saw at the mall. Bolstered by the rush of ecstacy from the feeling of “I could knit that!!!!,” I cast on 100+ stitches without any forethought, planning, or swatching. Predictably, this did not go well. Still, I ripped and repeated the process about four times before I settled on the final product.

In the end: Knit flat, cable braid rib, sewn up into a tube. Bing bang boom.


This works as a scarf, or a weird head-tube thing, but it can’t cover both my neck and head at once. For my next head covering, I’m eyeing the Riverbanks hood from knitty.  Yesss, soooo elfen.

image © 2009 Isabelle Boutin

image © 2009 Isabelle Boutin

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