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A Tale of Two Kitties (Cat/Yarn Interactions, Part 1: A Photoessay)





That’s life ’round here.  Bonus picture of pretty kitty Minerva (the calm big one) with yarn before it was accosted and thrown from her tower:


The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Dragonfly.  I used to be a big snob about Red Heart. Those horrible 600 yard bales of scratchy yuck yarn… ugh. But when I revisited Michael’s a few days ago, the selection was much more appealing than I remembered! It’s 100% acrylic, but with a fuzzy/shiny look that would make a dashing cap to wear under my bike helmet. 

Plus, it matches my hair. What can I say… I have some color habits.


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The most seasonal sock


A shot of a work-in-progress, also starting the last flare of Bloomington autumn leaves. I have been working on these for much longer than the average pair of socks due to the common but vexing Big Ol’ Dad Feet. The yarn is a really soft hand-dyed local product in purple/burgundy, which makes the project pleasurable despite its longevity. I’m made up an extreme textured pattern that should stretch reliably for aforementioned Big Dad Feet.


It actually effing snowed a few days ago, so it’s high time for these socks. I have taken the mantle of keeping my family’s feet warm upon myself. You are welcome, nuclear family. You are welcome.

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