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A Tale of Two Kitties (Cat/Yarn Interactions, Part 1: A Photoessay)





That’s life ’round here.  Bonus picture of pretty kitty Minerva (the calm big one) with yarn before it was accosted and thrown from her tower:


The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Dragonfly.  I used to be a big snob about Red Heart. Those horrible 600 yard bales of scratchy yuck yarn… ugh. But when I revisited Michael’s a few days ago, the selection was much more appealing than I remembered! It’s 100% acrylic, but with a fuzzy/shiny look that would make a dashing cap to wear under my bike helmet. 

Plus, it matches my hair. What can I say… I have some color habits.


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Hazy Lavender Winter

It’s grey skies over grey winter sidewalks here. The world feels secretive, muted. I got a single ball of lavender and silver yarn, Berroco Captiva in Orchid.


here pictured broodingly against my window

It’s primary purpose was as a string for this silver bird skull bead.


pictures with the Wild Unknown tarot card for Death

A little gloomy, maybe, but this is the early December.  The bare bones of the world are showing: dead grass and hibernating tree. There’s no fluffy snow, just windchill.


a little tableau of purple and silver

The festive atmosphere will set in with the snow, I’m sure. But for now, things feel mysterious and muted and grey. It has its own beauty.

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